Pablo S. Gutierrez

Pablo S. Gutierrez
Case Histories and Past Experiences

Exterra Engineering LLC

Principal and CEO of Exterra Engineering Inc. providing geothermal research and development (R&D)  consulting services to the private sector, U.S. Department of Energy and affiliated institutions since 2012.  

Previous to founding Exterra Engineering Inc. Mr. Gutierrez was employed by the California Energy Commission (CEC) Energy Research and Development Division for 21 years. As geothermal program technical lead administered and managed numerous geothermal R&D projects.

Prior to joining the CEC he was employed by Sempra Energy, Southern California Gas Company, Pipeline Division.  He also worked for Union Oil Company, Salton Sea Field Operations.

Mr. Gutierrez has co-authored a series of geothermal energy technical papers.

Mr. Gutierrez received his Bachelors of Science Degree in Mechanical Engineering, and MBA from California State University, Fresno. He is affiliated with University of Southern California, School of Engineering, Geothermal Studies Center; Geothermal Resources Council/Geothermal Energy Association/International Geothermal Association; and, American Society of Mechanical Engineers since 1984.