High Temperature Well Cementing and Integrity

The GRC together with the SPE are organizing a workshop on high-temperature cementing. Geothermal wells experience high temperatures at very shallow depths and are required to cement casing across the entire length of each casing string set in the well. The large temperature variations over the lifecycle of thermal oil recovery wells, and the very high temperatures of high-pressure/high-temperature (HP-HT) oil & gas wells drilled to ever greater depths, continue to push cement selection and placement technologies. All of these environments pose unique challenges to successful well completion.  Cementing is crucial to ensure proper well integrity for the life of production and injection wells in these HT applications.

The GRC and the SPE have decided that a joint workshop would enable both industries to share their experiences, technologies, technical procedures and best practices on this important aspect of well completion. The workshop will highlight cement formulae and slurry blends, placement methods, remedial procedures and result evaluations.  Case studies will be discussed and analyzed.

All drilling personnel, both geothermal and oil & gas drilling and production engineers, well-site supervisors, cementing engineers and interested personnel are welcome to attend and participate.

If you would like to chair any of the sessions, then please contact us. We would like to have two chairs for each session, one from the geothermal industry and one from the oil & gas industry. The chairs for each session will be required to assist the committee in obtaining presenters. Please volunteer.

Please contact us if you are interested in presenting in a session at the workshop. If you have a case history that you would like to present and would interest the attendees, please feel free to inform us and plan to present.

Please plan to attend.